The Nominees For Kumasi Have Been Selected


Check out that style, that swag, and that beauty… you are a BOSS!

This is your opportunity to showcase how you express yourself. We want to see how you shine as an example of how Max builds financial freedom, encourages empowerment, and supports the pride you carry and have for your success.

This is where your Max Style comes in, your Max swag… your Max Confidence… and the beauty of your Max Lifestyle.

Who is the best dressed in Ghana? Who is the most fly in all of Sunyani? Are you a true Max boss?

Want to submit a photo?

Email your submission to
– or –
Submit via WhatsApp at +233 20 137 3326

Visit us at for the full details.

– Nominees will receive $100 USD
– Category Winners will receive an additional $100 USD
– Best Dressed Winners will receive an additional $100 USD and the opportunity to compete for a chance to go to Dubai!
– Nominees will receive a Bluetooth Microphone and a Talent Performers T-shirt
– Top 3 Performers will receive $100 USD
– Top Performer will move on to compete for more CASH and a chance to go to Dubai!

The Final Night of the MAX INTERNATIONAL MID-YEAR 2019 GHANA KICK-OFF EVENT will be beyond Legendary. The GRAND Battle starts and ends here. Everything in between is poised to deliver an experience uniquely Max.

At the end of this dynamic Max Lifestyle Tour, there will be 3 Grand Prize Winners

1 Man Grand Prize Lifestyle Winner
1 Woman Grand Prize Lifestyle Winner and
1 Talent Showcase Grand Prize Winner

Each of them WINS an all-expense paid trip, plus CASH! to the Destined For Diamond trip to DUBAI for themselves and a guest.